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Here’s how you use a pore vacuum
  1. First, wash that gorgeous face. You can also steam your face with a face steamer  to loosen up any debris.
  2. Dry your face really, really well.
  3. Choose a clean, sanitized nozzle, turn your pore vacuum on, and set it on the lowest suction setting.
  4. Gently place the suction tip on the affected area and begin targeting clogged pores, moving the vacuum with purpose in smooth, elongated patterns.
  5. Keep moving around the affected areas, making sure not to leave it on any one spot for too long.
  6. All done? Admire your work (isn’t that half the reason you bought this thing?) and clean any debris from the nozzle. Sanitize it with alcohol and resist the urge to pick up the vacuum again for another week.
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