Having a skincare routine is an important step to having a good skin. Once you have a routine every other thing will fall into place.

so what’s the basic routine you need?

Daily; Morning

step 1- Cleanse
step 2- Tone
step 3- Hydrate
step 4- Moisturise
Step 5- Sunscreen

Daily; Night
step 1 -Cleanse
step 2- Tone
step 3- Spot treat or Moisturise

Step 1- cleanse
step 2 – Exfoliate
step 3 -Mask
step 4- Tone
step 5- hydrate
step 6 -Moisturise.

other procedures I recommend: Monthly facials. If you don’t have the time for facials, at least own a face steamer & a pore suction machine

So let me break it down; (it’s going to be a lengthy one but worth it)

cleansing Is you basically using your face wash or a face & body soap to get rid of dirt from your pores. Please note that if you’re using a face wash for acne don’t combine it with any other soap. What I simply mean is if it’s Acne face wash your using for your face. Don’t go ahead to use Black soap or bar soap for your face at the same time. Stick to one at a time.

Tone: when we hear the word “tone” the first thing that comes to our mind is lightening but that’s not the case here. Tone means to firm up, To tighten. And this is usually toning up with the Rosewater toner or the Acne cleanser (for night time for clients with acne)

Hydrate: this is done with a serum that contains Hyaluronic acid or other hydrating actives. Oh! this brings so much plumpness and lushness to the skin.

Why have 5 different serums with 5 different actives when you can have a 1 serum that contains all the actives in a bottle. Just like Mo organics vitamin c serum. It contains Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3. Best for Anti aging and under eye circles as well.

Moisturise: this can be done with either a face cream or a face oil. I prefer face oils at night and face cream during the day though. You can try whichever soothes your skin more.

sunscreen: then you finish up with a sunscreen. There are 3 sunscreens that I can vouch for that soothes African skin because I have used and it didn’t leave my face oily and no white cast. That’s Acm depiwhite, Alltriust and Isipharma sunscreen. Once I try more and I find them suitable I would let you know

Sunscreen is very important to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays. If you can see the sun. The sun can definitely see you too. Stop complaining you’re getting darker if you don’t wear sunscreen.

pls do not buy fake cheap 1k sunscreens. They can cause you to breakout or give your skin nasty reactions.

spot treat: This basically is using a spot treatment at night. You apply only on affected areas. Well if you have no spots just go ahead to moisturise. I’m calling them spots for you to understand better but they are basically called Hyper-pigmentation. (Melasma/sunburn, dark spots etc)

Exfoliate: this can be done using physical scrubs such as sugar scrubs or by using enzymatic scrubs.
my favourite is sugar scrub but if you’re acne prone and sensitive kindly go for the enzymatic exfoliation which is the Pineapple jelly mask. This procedure should be 2 times a week. At most 3 times. I personally exfoliate on Wednesdays and Saturday’s.

Stop using just any scrub you come across. Why? Mixing sugar and honey will only clog your pores. Break you out and give you skin reactions. That’s why Mo organics scrub will always remain a best seller. Until you’ve tried it out before you can understand.

mask: this procedure actually helps to detox the skin, shrink pores, reduce sebum production, unclog the pores. And at mo organics we have the clay mask. Not to worry you can activate with water if you have an oily skin and honey for dry skin. This should also be done twice a week immediately after exfoliation.

my next “How to” series will be on Body routine.
I hope you love this.

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Thank you for ready till this point ❤️ Till next time.

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