How have you been since my last Post? have you been sticking to a good routine? i hope you have. 
you can already guess what todays email is about from the topic. 

Out of over 50 messages we get on a daily, 30 are from customers battling with acne and 80% of the customers are searching for quick action products for them to see results in two weeks. But i’m here to tell you that it doesn’t work that way.

Just incase you are battling acne and hyperpigmentation or you know someone who might need this information. keep reading on.

POINT A: Acne takes about 4-6 weeks to clear. If there is any product that promises to clear your acne in one week, best believe that product is laced with steroids. it will only give you a temporary solution but by the time you discontinue usage, the acne will come back with full force. So if you are treating acne, give it a MINIMUM of 4-6 weeks for visible result.

POINT B: your routine needs extra effort and i mean EEXXXTTTRRRAA!!! you cannot afford to just wash your face once a day like everyone else, nor afford to rush your routine and expect positive results. Its not as easy as cooking beans. you need to take your routine really serious. ensure to MASSAGE your face wash for a minimum of 60 seconds. this will give the ingredients time to penetrate and work. please don’t do excess as it can cause more harm than good. Always ensure to follow the directions on your product.

POINT C: monthly facials should be your friend. i know we all believe that once you’ve got a good product thats it, the product should take care of everything. FALSE! an acne product can-not unclog an already clogged pores. Locate a very good spa in your vicinity that does facials. please take your time in doing this. so many quack “skincare gurus” out there claiming to know how to do facials but they only do more harm than good. don’t go for those 1k Ikeja under-bridge facials where you get to sit on the chair and they are using harsh scrub on acne prone skin. ERROR!

My secret to being consistent is putting everything in my calendar. Im a very busy person and i tend to forget a lot. so i have made it a habit of putting all my schedule in my calendar so that before i even make plan with anyone, i need to check my calendar. Every 2 weeks i make my hair, every first Monday of each month i get facials done, a body massage and a body polish. every 2 weeks i call my extended family, i check up on my friends etc. You get the drill. this has helped me to be consistent. so you can do this with your google calendar.

POINT D: Get recommended products. I know some of us are on a budget but when it comes to skincare, you either go all in or you don’t go in at all. Most times when we recommend products for you, it’s because you actually need them not because i’m trying to pack products to sell for you. One of our values at Mo Organics is INTEGRITY. If you do not need it, we wont give you. Dont buy just face mask and expect it to do all the work, get the complete acne set and get maximum result.

POINT E: its normal for you to get darker during the healing stage. please allow your face to heal. stop worrying about the darkness. think of the end result. once you’re done treating then you can spot treat and also brighten. its one step at a time. when you have a cut or an injury on your body, you will notice the area get dark during the healing stages, before it begins to fade out. thats how it also works for your face.

POINT F: your daily practices has to be top notch. Wear a satin bonnet to bed. if you don’t, you only transfer the dirt and oils in your hair to your pillow case and then you put your face on your pillow case. Change your pillow cases twice a week. do not pick on your acne. keep your hands away from your face. keep your hair away from your face. stop using your hair to cover up. you only end up clogging your pores. allow your face breathe! stay away from makeup. drink lots of water, take fruits, keep a healthy lifestyle, cut down on soda and fatty foods, get lots of rest.

I know it sounds like a lot of work but then keep your eyes on the end result. NO PAIN NO GAIN.

I hope these few tips work for you. Please don’t forget to send me your review.

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Thank you for ready till this point ❤️ Till next time. 

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