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About Us

My Name is Agbeyangi Mosopefoluwa, the founder/ CEO of Mosope Organics Skincare

The Birth of Mo Organics Skincare started when i needed a solution to my acne and hyperpigmentation. My quest for a solution to my skin, to restore my self confidence let me to the discovery of Natural skincare products.

Mo Organics Skincare was born as a result. Since then i have been able to provide skin solutions to over 10,000 men and women home and abroad.

All skincare products formulated and sold by Mo organics skincare are 100% Natural. we have a NAFDAC approved skincare factory where all products are carefully formulated with only Natural Raw materials.

Our Products are suitable for all skin type, complexion and gender. we also cater for children.

A healthy Lifestyle begins with the use of using Natural Healthy Skincare Products.

Let Mo Organics Skincare Products be that healthy product you use on your skin.

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